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Designing Inclusive Culture for HIgh Performing Hybrid Teams

17 Nov 2022

Business success in our ever more globalised and virtual world requires the skills to navigate
through cultural differences and understand the subtle nuances of cultures foreign to your
own. Cultural intelligence is an extremely important business skill in today’s business and
work environment. Teams that create an inclusive dialogue by leveraging the cultural
diversity are more innovative, have higher performance and achieve significantly better
financial performance

In this talk, Monika Chauhan-Stok brings a tested framework for better cultural insights and
effective connectors across cultures. Delivered in a highly engaging style with personal
anecdotes and real business examples, the talk is packed with highly effective strategies that you can apply
confidently for effective professional relationships and greater business

In order to design team meetings successfully and increase the pool of ideas, a diverse
a range of voices in the room have to be enabled. It is imperative that next to empathy skills,
teams designed to be equipped with ‘cultural intelligence’ beyond their own background
perform better in a global business environment. This will empower you to be more aware of
leveraging diversity and will