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Don’t go it alone: How to access free business expertise

17 Nov 2022

Let’s face it - building a business can be hard - and often lonely. But you don’t need to go it alone. When you’re
trying to define a strategy, build a website, or manage finances, it can help to talk to someone who’s been there,
done that. A simple conversation with a true expert can help you get unstuck, inspire new ideas, and build your

However, this kind of expertise may feel out of reach for your small business - simply too expensive, too
specialised or too ‘sales-y’.

Join us to learn about ways you can access highly personalised, actionable support - for free, with no catch! Just
real people with deep expertise who give up their time for free.

We’ll talk about the benefits of getting outside input and how it works. We’ll explore what kinds of support are
available and what you feel you need the most, and we’ll hear from your fellow business owners about their
experience accessing experts. They’ll talk about what it’s like and how it’s impacted them and their businesses.

Join us to learn more.