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How your employees can become the strength of your cybersecurity

17 Nov 2022

90% of attacks on businesses involve human error, a business can have the latest software and best protection
but still suffer an attack. In this seminar we will show how cybersecurity awareness training can build a strong
security culture to strengthen defences against cyber attacks.
The importance of employees in the security process is often underappreciated, they are often seen as the
weakest link in a business’ security. We will explain how with the right training programme employees can help to
spot scams and stop attacks that might otherwise cause irrevocable damage.
We will begin by explaining the importance of cybersecurity for every business, no matter the size or industry.
Just because a business is small does not mean they will not become a target. 39% of businesses were attacked in
the UK last year alone. Every business holds valuable data on staff, clients and partners all of which is a target for
Cybersecurity is often seen by many employees as something that doesn’t fall within their remit, not in their
description or why they were hired. Presenting cybersecurity in a way that these employees will understand and
buy into is vital to the success of a security culture. Through our 15 years of experience we have refined the most
effective methods of conveying the role each employee has to play in cybersecurity.
We will not only show the importance of messaging, but go further to explain what the right messaging looks like
and how to garner staff into collaborating in developing the security culture. We will also provide insight into
what businesses need to avoid when building their training programme, or risk their security becoming an
unwelcome addition instead of an aid for staff.
Businesses need to create a comprehensive training programme, but many simply hand their employees some
policies they do not fully understand. One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is they fail to train staff in how
to use training in the event of an attack.
Using examples from our own experience in cybersecurity awareness training, we will provide insight into the
most effective techniques. We will cover the role positive messaging has to play in creating staff buy-in, and how
being open and communicative with staff will help them see cybersecurity in a positive light. As a result, staff will
see cybersecurity as a tool they can use in their own lives as opposed to simply something they have to learn for
their job. In doing so, good security habits will become second nature.
We will present the right materials and right roadmap to create a culture where employees are able to make the
right decisions. Using the wrong techniques can weaken security and leave staff too afraid to act in the event of
an attack. Our materials will provide a foundation that businesses can take away to expand and develop on,
creating a training programme that will leave employees feeling empowered to help their business in building a
strong culture of security.