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Financial Strategy for SMEs - the big squeeze

17 Nov 2022

The big squeeze: the majority of businesses are currently impacted by supply chain issues, inflation and the ability
to attract and retain people. For any business leader, never before has cash been so important for business
sustainability, and never have we had so much change in such a short period of time. This seminar is aimed at
showing business leaders the best finance strategies to improve the business financial position and how to easily
implement them into the business.

Most businesses will regard anything to do with financial strategy and cash flow as the responsibility of the FD
and finance team, but this is simply not the case. Everyone in the team has a role to play and the key is educating
in the most simple way for non financial management and team members to understand.

Revenue is vanity, profit is sanity and cash is king! The focus on cash is the most important part of a successful
business that is scaling or going through difficult times. Educating the team on the game of improving the
cashflow scorecard is vital and needs to be a priority of any management team or board meeting.
From this seminar you will have simple strategies that are easy to implement in your business to improve your
financial position and be ready for the impact of any financial squeeze.