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App’s & Software for ANY device with Microsoft Software Development. How does Microsoft AI reduce costs & increase productivity?

16 Nov 2022

Would you like to make better use of the Microsoft Software used in your business?

Join us to:

  • Learn crucial insights to improve performance, increase your efficiencies and save valuable resources.
  • Learn how ageing Web Apps, Mobile apps can be modernised to take full advantage of the latest technology in your business.
  • Understand and minimise the risk in Microsoft Software development projects and upgrading/maintaining your Microsoft Software.
  • Learn how to build innovative and advanced systems, apps, and chat bots quickly and easily.
  • Learn how to integrate AI technology into existing software and apps.

Split into two core disciplines, our seminar contains invaluable knowledge to help and guide both your software development strategy and AI road map for 2023 and beyond.

In Part 1 – “Exploiting Microsoft Technology to Grow Your Business”, we will explain how to deliver impact into the heart of your business through a digital transformation whilst minimising the typical risks associated with software. Discover how to use Microsoft technology to build state-of-the-art systems and apps that your business and users will love.
In Part 2 – “The benefits of Microsoft Artificial Intelligence” you will learn how Microsoft AI can be applied to any business to reduce costs and increase efficiencies and productivity.

Kieran Hayes - Superluminal Software