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Intellectual Property Untangled – Obtaining and Exploiting Patents, Designs and Trademarks

16 Nov 2022

When you are a start-up business or even a well-established company in the throws of R&D, it can be difficult to navigate
the world of IP. When should you start preparing a patent application? Have you taken the right steps to ensure ownership
of IP you are developing? Is it worthwhile filing a design application? You might not think twice about spending some
money on having some brochures printed, but how would you feel about throwing them away because you copied an
image or came too close to someone’s brand?

In this seminar, Robert will talk you through the different IP rights that are available to businesses, and how and when to use them.
You will learn what can be protected and hopefully be able to develop a plan around what you should be considering in
your own business to ensure that you’ve covered the IP bases. IP protection is a complicated business but getting it wrong
can cost you large tax rebates, can leave your products exposed and can put a small business at risk. Learn the basics here
and your IP expenditure will be an investment in your business, not a cost.