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How to minimise the Risk of your business failing

16 Nov 2022

The seminar is for any businesses that want to see their enterprises succeed.


The seminar will cover how to identify potential and actual business risks and how to put controls and measures in place that can help to mitigate or minimise those risks.


Risk management is normally the remit of the larger financial institutions and multi-national corporations, and many of these organisations have whole departments that monitor and report risks to the shareholders, Financial bodies, directors and other stakeholders.


Smaller businesses such as OMB’s, SME’s, family offices and startups can benefit from using similar processes and procedures to monitor, measure and control their business risks before they materialise.


Using a risk based approach in your business can reduce the chance of business failure as it gives you advance warning of potential threats to your business. Bearing in mind that around 80% of all businesses fail within 10 years of starting, it is essential that all businesses monitor their risks of business failure.


This seminar will give you the knowledge to survive and thrive even in an economic climate that has caused severe hardship for many businesses small and large.