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The Purpose of Leadership is to Gain Commitment

17 Nov 2022
How many hurricanes are there in your life at the moment?
Using the power of story and metaphor, Manley Hopkinson, will take you through the eye of a hurricane and
draw the parallels to the real world of today’s business and leadership environment. The powerful and beautifully
visual story of racing around the world in the “world’s toughest race” provides the inspiration and excitement
that ensures the messages from Manley’s talk stay with you. Manley will introduce you to the concepts and
philosophies behind Compassionate Leadership and will prove to you how it was the real-life application of
compassionate leadership that enabled Manley and his team to attack Hurricane Michael. Bearing in mind that 8
of Manley’s crew had never sailed before in their life, this was a massive leadership achievement, enabled by
consciously using specific language that tapped into their intrinsic motivational needs. In essence, compassionate
leadership is the mindset and skillset required to gain commitment – even to attack a hurricane.
The Hurricane story and lessons learnt are also documented in Manley’s highly acclaimed book, Compassionate