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Simplifying the Hiring of Non-Permanent Workers Compliantly

17 Nov 2022

Since 2014 there has been wholesale change for companies that hire non-permanent workers in terms of the number of changes to legislation. Most companies are simply not aware of the obligations now placed on them when hiring non-permanent workers be it directly as self-employed or via an employment business (agencies) 


There have been several headline grabbing legal challenges and cases where self-employed workers have won and gained employment rights -UBER, & PIMLICO PLUMBERS. IR35 has probably had the biggest impact to businesses across all sectors, when it first came in for the Public Sector in 2017 and then in the Private Sector in 2021. 


How do companies manager their risks when working with Personal Service Companies or Umbrella companies via an agency or directly.


It is essential for board members and senior management including HR in OMBs to understand their obligations under these legislative changes and what it means when they decide to hire a temp, gig workers, contractors freelancers or consultants.


SME’s and medium size companies will become the only way to sustain your business if you must make the decision to downsize your permanent head count, but by doing this it will only work if it is done compliantly and lawfully using the services of experts in this field like Pendragon Consultancy.

Pendragon Consultancy is a boutique compliance and employment consulting firm which specialises in advising clients and guiding them thorough a myriad of challenges they face to get this right. We have an exceptional understanding of how employment law and tax law applies to these situations and are able to translate that for our clients into meaningful actions that protects their business. Client’s need to get any engagement of workers right from the beginning as getting it wrong is both costly and can severely damage your business reputation.


Pendragon is a global operation and under the Pendragon Global brand and we offer GEO, (global employment outsourcing) in 150 countries including USA, Canada LATAM, India and South Africa. You find the talent and we employ them on behalf of your organisation enabling limitless hiring around the globe.