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Small-Scale Development Projects: Could YOU Become A Part-Time Property Developer?

17 Nov 2022

In recent months, we've seen an unprecedented convergence of factors that really have made NOW the perfect time to get into property development. A national housing crisis, an abundance of buildings to convert, new permitted development rights that reduce planning risk and reduce timescales, plus the after-effects of a pandemic that has seen a seismic shift in workplace requirements, and a government focused on driving town centre regeneration. 


There was a time when starting a buy-to-let portfolio was a no-brainer, but over the last few years landlords have been hit hard by swingeing regulatory and taxation changes, while small-scale developers have been given incentives to build, build, build. As a result, many investors are now turning to small-scale development. 


In this exciting and fast-paced talk, Ritchie Clapson explains not only what’s driving this perfect storm, but exactly how those new to development can take full advantage of the changes. If you’ve ever considered investing in property, this talk is guaranteed to be a real eye-opener!