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‘Solving the riddle of how to write well’

17 Nov 2022

A lifelong lover of the English language, Scott has created a writing system called rhetorica ® (also the title of his second book). The system contains 15 simple, universally effective techniques that work both for native- and non-native English speakers. Anyone who applies the techniques can’t fail to produce writing that is clear, concise and compelling, whether a bid, a blog or a book.

Rated at an average of 93% satisfaction by 5000 training delegates, the rhetorica ® persuasive writing system helps people find their authentic voice by giving them permission to write Human, no matter how technical the content. The system helps native- and non-native English speakers find their voice, raise their readability and get the results they want from the words they write.

The techniques are so simple and so effective that every country in the world should have them in their National Curriculum.