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What is Strong Pilates and the benefits of the strong method #rowformer

16 Nov 2022

PILATES INSPIRED. CARDIO INFUSED. As Australasia's fastest growing pilates franchise, STRONG Pilates is
taking the world by storm. Part Resistance, Part Rowing. A Full Body Workout. For Those Down For More.
At the centre of a STRONG studio and workout is the Rowformer. This machine, exclusive to the STRONG
network, is half a reformer pilates and half a rower, which makes for our signature full-body workout that
combines cardio training with strength and resistance. Innovation is at the core of what we do here at STRONG
so it doesn’t just stop at the Rowformer. The Bikeformer is now rolling out to our studios, offering a new way
to get STRONG.
STRONG Pilates founders Michael Ramsey and Mark Armstrong sit among the elite in Australia’s fitness
industry. They talk the talk as well as walk it, mostly because they have been in the shoes you are wearing
right now. This duo have owned a number of high performing franchise fitness studios, including some that
were the highest performing for their market in Australia.
At STRONG, we are laser focused on staying one step ahead. We found a gap in the fitness industry for a long
term, sustainable, safe, no impact model which led to our unique concept.
Launched in October 2019, STRONG Pilates is growing exponentially with 100+ territories sold & reserved
across Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Singapore, Spain and the UK.
John Hastings, our Master Licensee and Managing Director of STRONG Pilates UK is not new to STRONG. Hasto,
as you’ll get to know him by, was the very first franchisee in Australia, launching STRONG Pilates Mornington,
and now he’s bringing STRONG to the UK, with the first studio launch imminent and more franchises available
Follow our journey or get in touch with us at or @strong

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Speaker Description (max 150 words, no bullet points): Former Professional international cricketer. Retired five
years ago to focus on business. Has multiple Successful start-ups in hospitality and the fitness industries.
Having spent a lot of time over in the UK Playing County cricket making a large network and a lot of really solid
friendships. Taking the Master licence for Strong Pilates UK was a seamless Transition. Having conducted some
very thorough due diligence of the UK fitness market john believes that Strong is so well placed to make a huge
impact on the industry here in the UK