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Uber Driver to Property Millionaire

17 Nov 2022

In this seminar Dr. Daniel Moses will break down how you can build a property portfolio in just 18months. 


Using the BRRR strategy Dr. Daniel Moses has been build a £7million Portfolio in 24Months. He will show you the facts, figures, examples and step by step process to do the same.


In essence the BRRR strategy - “Buy, Refurbish, Refinance, Rent” is when you buy a below market value property, add value to it and pull out the initial capital invested all whilst still owning the property gaining rental income on it.  


It takes a lot of hard work, due diligence and patience but no one ever said owning a house for essentially free would be easy!


If you’re looking to build a property portfolio but want to see more return on investment than you would with a normal buy-to-let this is going to be a session you really don’t want to miss out on.