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Understanding the Power of Integrating Bitcoin into Your Business.

16 Nov 2022
Learn how to operate on the world’s leading and original decentralised blockchain that provides maximum
privacy and security. Businesses can now create, own, and transact valuable digital assets that represents utility
for its services. Digital assets can facilitate tickets for event organisers, deeds for mortgage lenders, copyrights for
musicians and merchandise sales for distributors. This seminar explores how businesses can enjoy earning and
using Bitcoin technology without the fear of market movement, overheads, or high barriers to entry. We raise
awareness on a blockchain marketplace that is easy to transact like Amazon. Experience payment systems that
are easy to use like banking apps and how to integrate reward systems like British Airways. Understanding the
power of open-sourced technology like Bitcoin, can help your business take advantage of blockchain privileges
without financial burden. Stay ahead of the Web3 curve and embrace a trustworthy ecosystem where all asset(s)
transactions can be publicly verified.
Midyaan McPherson, CEO of MMSS - McPherson Marketing & Sales
Nadir Hussain, COO - McPherson Marketing & Sales