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Thriving at work: Unlocking the Potential of Employees and Business.

17 Nov 2022

Business psychology is the study of improving working life. It uses social scientific methods and best business
practices to better align your needs and create healthy, productive, mutually beneficial relationships between
employees and organisations. If you want to improve the productivity, efficiency, turnover, sickness absence and
culture of a workplace, business psychology can help you unlock the potential of your employees, helping them
thrive at work and therefore, unlocking the potential of your business.

Learning and development is a standard approach to improving the employee workforce, but it seldom teaches
us how to truly thrive at work. Did you know: average concentration span is 20 minutes long! And many aspects
of the working life can inhibit our concentration. Learning how we can foster our minds and engage with others
to work more productively using business psychology approaches is game-changing for both your personal and
professional life.

Join us for an engaging seminar to learn what truly makes the employee tick and what we need to thrive at work.
You’ll come away with newfound knowledge, skills, confidence and a free digital PDF to educate your workplace