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September 16 & 17 2020

LA Convention Center

Keynote Theater VanillaSoft: Sponsor of Keynote Theater

Keynote Theater: Sponsored by VanillaSoft

    • Wednesday

      Oliver Yonchev: Speaking in the Keynote Theater


      Oliver Yonchev
      Social Chain

      The six lessons of social influence

      Influencer marketing is the most ‘overpriced’ and ‘underpriced’ attention in same sentence. What are the fundamental things all businesses should know about influencer marketing to ensure the ‘Wild West’ of media is navigated effectively.

      Noelle LaCharite: Speaking in the Keynote Theater


      Noelle LaCharite

      What do businesses need to know about building for Voice?

      In this talk, Noelle highlights her journey into skills development, the creation of her top performing skills, and the critical things brands need to know about to build voice experiences and reach millions through Amazon Echo, Alexa and Microsoft AI

      Ardath Albee: Speaking in the Keynote Theater


      Ardath Albee
      Marketing Interactions

      Content that Helps Buyers Navigate the Dark Underbelly of Buying Decisions

      Many B2B companies lament the fact that their biggest competitor is the status quo; the resistance to change; the choice to stick with the way they’ve always done it. This is often because we drop the ball. Don’t get me wrong. B2B marketers and sales reps do a great job proving value and helping prospects build the business case and ROI for their solutions. But it’s still not enough to get the decision to buy done. Why not? Because even if your prospects see value and believe in the business case and ROI, that’s only half the battle. The frustration and complexity of selling change internally is the dark underbelly of buying decisions. Fill this mid-funnel gap in your content marketing strategy and you will see more buyers able to make buying decisions in your favor. In this session, you’ll learn: How to use content to create stakeholder conversations that drive momentum. What types of content help make “change” more acceptable. How to de-risk the decision to buy and enable sales reps to win more often

      James Gardner: Speaking in the Keynote Theater


      James Gardner
      The Wall Street Journal | Barron’s Group

      Tech in the C-Suite

      Innovation stemming from new disruptive technologies like 5G, AI, robotics and blockchain has forever changed the dynamic in the C-Suite. Understanding the business priorities and points of view of both CEOs and CIOs can deliver a unique advantage when collaborating with them on technology solutions for their company.

      Jamie Mendez: Speaking in the Keynote Theater


      Jamie Mendez

      Accelerate your growth through channels

      Market dynamics fueled by broad digital transformation has changed how clients discover, purchase and consume solutions. Clients want the same simple, subscription based options they experience as a consumers available in addition to the traditional models in place to support their businesses. They want solutions, not technology. By enabling new partnering models through new and changing engagement models vendors can accelerate their ability to drive innovation, deliver solutions, create new revenue opportunities and through enhanced value create to meet and exceed client expectations.

      Lynn Hunsaker and Jake Dacillo: Speaking in the Keynote Theater


      Lynn Hunsaker and Jake Dacillo

      Silos: The Kryptonite of Business Growth - Why Marketing Leaders Are Best Positioned to Address

      Silos to a company are what kryptonite is to Superman, depriving a company of its power to grow and thrive at its full potential. And make no mistake, it starts at the top. The executive team can be a silo in itself, potentially creating an overflow of silos below. So, what’s the good news? It’s in marketing’s control. That’s right – Marketing. Whether large or small, when silos are a pervasive problem within a company, marketing leaders are in the best position to address and strategize corrective action for resolving the company-wide fractionalization. The silver bullet is that the most effective rallying point is the customer’s well-being, and Marketing is steward of customer intelligence. Centering attention on customers’ needs as the shared mindset tends to resolve or prevent a lot of silo tendencies. And through implementation of organizational learning and collaboration, a unified culture and empowered company environment emerges yielding better experiences for employees and customers. The extra perk is marketing teams and budgets are freed up. Process interruption and setbacks are minimized. Attend this SoCal ANA B2B Keynote Panel Debate to hear views and gain insights on company silo challenges and solutions (the anti-kryptonite).

      Julie Ask: Speaking in the Keynote Theater


      Julie Ask

      Empathetic Content: The Key To Building Lasting Customer Relationships

      Dramatic demographic and behavioral changes have given rise to a new type of B2B customer, one who acts more like a digital consumer than a professional buyer. Armed with technology and access to data, these B2B consumers easily avoid engaging with sellers until late in the purchase process. Educating, entertaining, and engaging them is now a marketing imperative -- your content must appeal to their more demanding needs or risk losing out to fast-moving competition. Forrester’s Laura Ramos explores the new content requirements in customer-centered age and how empathetic content is now essential to winning buyers’ attention, serving their needs, and retaining their business long term. Key takeaways: B2B buying has changed fundamentally and adapting requires engaging content. Most B2B content fails our engagement test: change this and gain competitive advantage. Engagement is the goal; personalization is only one approach to get there. Engaging content requires a new, empathetic mindset – four practices help you build empathy.

      Darryl Praill: Speaking in the Keynote Theater


      Darryl Praill

      The Day Marketing Held Sales Accountable

      Virtual Causeway needed their marketing program spend to generate as many marketing qualified leads (MQL) as possible, and they needed those MQLs turned into sales qualified leads (SQL). The problem was that Sales rejected over half of their MQLs, resulting in excess marketing program spend, lead flow shortfalls, intra-departmental conflict, and an overall questioning of marketing’s effectiveness and contribution. Learn how Virtual Causeway overcame this by implementing an effective sales engagement strategy.

      Dhillan Bhardwaj: Speaking in the Keynote Theater


      Dhillan Bhardwaj
      Ratchett Clothing

      How Authentic Brands Make Millions - Jeetendr Sehdev interviews the young founder of Ratchet clothing, Dhillan Bhardwaj

      In an age where evolving technologies seem to make marketing tactics increasingly complicated can brands achieve success by just being true to themselves? In this interview, New York Times Bestselling Author, Jeetendr Sehdev interviews Dhillan Bhardwaj, who became a millionaire at the age of 16 by designing clothes in his parent’s garage. Dhillan’s organization, Ratchet clothing, has since gained celebrity clientele including Rhianna, Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift an engaged community on social media. Dhillan''s lessons in entrepreneurship are sure to leave you with a new perspective on how authentic brands can transform business success.