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September 16 & 17 2020

LA Convention Center

VLG Marketing: Sponsor of Theater 2

Theater 2: Sponsored by VLG Marketing

    • Wednesday

      Laurie Beasley: Speaking in the Theater 2


      Laurie Beasley
      Beasley Direct and Online Marketing, Inc.

      Meeting Maker Marketing Campaigns: How to Connect Sales with Anyone

      Be careful what you ask for! Because you’re going to learn an approach to Account Based Marketing (ABM) that can land your sales team appointments with virtually any key decision maker. We’ll share how to incentivize prospects into WANTING to get on the phone for a demo or sales appointment. And walk you through a marketing campaign that integrated dimensional direct mail, tele-prospecting, email, and social touches to deliver record numbers of demo appointments for a major software company.

      Lars Helgeson: Speaking in the Theater 2


      Lars Helgeson

      CRM & Marketing: Perfecting the Customer Journey

      Do you have a customer journey strategy? Are you using CRM and marketing automation together to streamline and boost your effort? Lars Helgeson, author of CRM for Dummies and CEO of GreenRope, will discuss the importance of sales, marketing and customer service alignment, and how yuo can use technology to make data-driven decisions in your business. He will present a five-step process to improve your customer journey, shorten lead cycles, and increase conversions.

      Madhu Gulati: Speaking in the Theater 2


      Madhu Gulati
      Marrina Decisions

      5 Strategies to Scalable Email Marketing Operations

      With so many moving pieces in email marketing operations, it’s no wonder that "send-button anxiety" is a daily reality for most of us, whether it’s your first or hundredth email campaign. Learn how to set up a robust and scalable email marketing operation for a small company or global enterprise. Ensure your team can quickly send emails, personalized by language and segment, with confidence campaigns meet the highest industry standards.

      Hayley Ferrante and James Leedom: Speaking in the Theater 2


      Hayley Ferrante and James Leedom
      Marketo, an Adobe Company

      A New Age of Direct Mail: How to Develop Campaigns and Prove Your Impact

      The new age of digital engagement has given marketers more responsibility in terms of how we connect with people and measure impact. To create campaigns that matter, aligning success metrics with your program goals is a necessity. Join Hayley Ferrante and James Leedom for their session to learn how you can level up your direct mail game by workshopping campaigns, defining engagement, and proving impact.

      Talar Malakian: Speaking in the Theater 2


      Talar Malakian
      Salted Stone

      The Millennial B2B Buyer Persona: Finding the Right Opportunities & Pain Points

      Today, over half of B2B buyers are millennials. Understanding their specific pain points, opportunities, predilections, and sales process preferences is absolutely key for established and burgeoning brands. What do you need to keep in mind and prioritize when pitching to Generation Y? How do you solve for changes to your systems or strategies? We’ll focus on website, sales, and ecommerce components.

      Nicolas Vandenberghe: Speaking in the Theater 2


      Nicolas Vandenberghe
      Chili Piper

      How Leading Companies Use Revenue Operations to Transform Inbound

      Traditionally, marketing was responsible for generating leads and sales converted leads into revenues. The handoff happened at the form submission, frequently causing a break in the Buyer Journey: some companies lost up to 80% of hard-won leads. The emergence of Revenue Operations offers technologies bridging this gap. Companies like Gong and Grow used it to double their conversion rate. This session will provide practical steps to achieve the same results.

      Alessandro Fard: Speaking in the Theater 2


      Alessandro Fard

      Be a Proper Villain: The UX/UI Guide to Mobile Design

      A proper villain knows the difference between responsive & adaptive. They understand why being agile converts more, every time. Want to learn which designs translate best from desktop to mobile? Want to be a “proper villain” who knows what’s good in the User Experience/User Interface design game? Whether you’re a designer, or looking to hire a design team, this seminar will help know how to identify the posers from the pros.

      Kyle Brown: Speaking in the Theater 2


      Kyle Brown
      Business to Business Networking Group

      Business Networking 101 - How to get the most from Networking!

      In this session you will learn the basics of networking and building relationships at events like Business Mixers, Networking Groups, Ribbon Cuttings and Social Events. You’ll also learn how to start your own business networking power group and become the go to leader in your community. This session will fill up fast so get their early.