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September 16 & 17 2020

LA Convention Center

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Theater 3: Sponsored by MOI Global

    • Wednesday

      SEGMET: Speaking in the Theater 3



      “Why They Buy – The Secrets, Science, System, and the Solution.”

      PREDICT BUYING BEHAVIOR IN LESS THAN 90 SECONDS! B.A.N.K. is the Only Methodology in the World, Scientifically validated to Predict Buying Behavior in less than 90 seconds. With a specific focus on Buyology, rather than psychology, the B.A.N.K. system is designed to increase your sales effectiveness up to 300%. Sales is not a numbers game; it’s a people game. Why Not WIN?

      Frederick Vallaeys: Speaking in the Theater 3


      Frederick Vallaeys

      Five Ways to Make Google Ads Work For You

      While virtually everyone does online research when considering a purchase, success with Google Advertising is not a guarantee. There are a seemingly overwhelming number of options available in pay-per-click advertising platforms and knowing how to set up your ads for success can be tricky. Join Google’s former AdWords Evangelist, Fred Vallaeys, to learn 5 ways to optimize your Google Ads so you can get your fair share of sales from search engines.

      Ian Evenstar: Speaking in the Theater 3


      Ian Evenstar

      UNF*** Your Brand

      Many brands these days are stuck. They’re stuck in old ways of doing things and outdated ways of thinking. To remain competitive and relevant in today’s markets, brands must think and communicate better than they did even 5 years ago. Email marketing is mostly useless, direct marketing is expensive, and digital advertising is increasingly difficult. What is a CMO to do? Learn how to UNF*** your brand with inbound marketing.

      Charm Bianchini: Speaking in the Theater 3


      Charm Bianchini

      Revenue Operations: The Secret to Successful B2B Marketing

      Wondering how savvy marketers are generating pipeline these days? Wish Sales was following up on the demand you are creating? Learn how to accomplish this and more by establishing a revenue operations function at your organization. Attend this session to understand how Revenue Operations can propel your B2B marketing initiatives forward whether they be account-based, inbound or both. We’ll outline how revenue operations can help drive scalable growth for all of your go-to-market (GTM) motions as well as outline a framework on how to get started.

      Larysa Zakirova: Speaking in the Theater 3


      Larysa Zakirova
      INFUSEmedia, Inc.

      How to Build A Winning Client Success Team in a B2B Company.

      Larysa’s presentation will focus on the core principles and strategies underlying the building and expansion of a Client Success Team. Reflecting on the lessons learned of growing INFUSEmedia’s team, she will discuss the major obstacles to growth, and highlight the strategies and tactics that can facilitate team building and corporate growth.

      Jp Wallhorn: Speaking in the Theater 3


      Jp Wallhorn

      ReactJS with WordPress - A game changer for SEO & Data Intelligence

      WordPress powers 34% of all websites globally and it's the #1 go-to for all small businesses. Even larger publishing companies such as Techcrunch leverage WordPress. While it's a great Content Management System it sometimes lags speed and flexibility. Furthermore, developers have to work within the WordPress ecosystem that is based on PHP. ReactJS, on the other hand, offers what WordPress lags. By combining those two solutions you get the best of both worlds. Lightning fast performance, full flexibility and the power of a content management system that allows end users to easily maintain content. This results in an SEO and data intelligent powerhouse.

      Alex Sandoval: Speaking in the Theater 3


      Alex Sandoval
      MOI Global

      The Next Evolution of Content in B2B

      Content 3.0 is the next giant leap in B2B marketing. It uses technology and data to create content that understands the context in which it is being consumed. It builds a two-way conversation and engages your audience to continuously take them through the buying journey, while letting them stay in control. This workshop covers best practices and practical case studies of how to move content from words to contextual experiences.

      Garrett Jestice: Speaking in the Theater 3


      Garrett Jestice

      Brand templating: The secret to doubling your creative team’s output in half the time

      Join Garrett Jestice as he shares the secret that will revolutionize the way your in-house creative team works forever. Garrett will address critical questions every creative team faces, such as: How can we say goodbye to tedious design requests forever? How do we make our revision process less of a headache? How do we put an end to off-brand collateral? Learn what it takes to eliminate annoying roadblocks and streamline the overall design process so your creative team stays happy and, well… creative.

      Marcelo Castro: Speaking in the Theater 3


      Marcelo Castro

      Battle-tested tactics to befriend brand-curators and revenue-generators.

      Join us to examine market-tested ways for marketers to align their brand curation instincts with solid revenue attribution. Topics will include, branding-building through sales, deciphering lead qualification algorithms and acronyms, accelerating sales cycles, and executing consumer experienes that both sides will approve. We’ll offer-up demand generation strategies, along with the hard-earned truths. So grab your marketing or sales partner and explore ways of doing more with the resources you have.