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September 16 & 17 2020

LA Convention Center

Bruce Clay: Sponsor of Theater 4

Theater 4: Sponsored by Bruce Clay

    • Wednesday

      John Michael Wilyat: Speaking in the Theater 4


      John Michael Wilyat

      The Power of VR Visualizations to Market Your Projects

      Utilization of VR to market Architecture & Real Estate Projects is no longer a niche but rather the preferred way to market and interact with the built environment. John Michael, Art Director at Kilograph, will demonstrate how top brands and firms are showcasing their work in the world of Mixed Realities. CMO’s today face a visual savvy customer and visualizations are the key to preselling projects to lenders, civic leaders and the public at large. Bringing them into an immersive environment is today’s primary method to connect and create advocacy for the space. Take away key steps to developing a brief and getting your projects into the world of VR.

      Bruce Clay: Speaking in the Theater 4


      Bruce Clay
      Bruce Clay, Inc

      SEO – Ask Me Anything

      This is a free-form session where members of the audience get to ask Bruce, the recognized “Father of SEO”, questions about the current and future workings of SEO. Questions are not to be specific to your website - that is where our booth comes in. Be prepared to learn.

      Kevin Dean: Speaking in the Theater 4


      Kevin Dean

      The ROI of Sales and Marketing Automation

      Marketing automation can deliver fast results, but requires consistent usage and adapting best business practices to get the full benefit. Users of marketing automation place high value on the tool, but must deliver fast ROI and evolve to drive profitable business. Learn about the latest developments in the ROI of Sales and Marketing Automation that will be the future of the industry.

      Deepak Kumar: Speaking in the Theater 4


      Deepak Kumar
      Vyakar Inc.

      B2B Lead Management and Pipeline Acceleration

      Industry studies reveal that more than 50% of marketing leads are never called by sales; this could result in loss of up to 15 million USD in booked revenue. This seminar covers best practices and tips for better managing B2B leads. We will be discussing lead routing, sales alignment and pipeline acceleration.

      Joshua Goldfein: Speaking in the Theater 4


      Joshua Goldfein
      Mercury Digital Agency

      The new sales cycle and the changing role of marketing

      In this fast paced digital world traditional marketing methods are too slow to react to marketing failures. This workshop brings agile techniques and tools to digital marketing enabling startups and SMEs to keep pace with market dynamics, learn about their audience and rapidly build brand engagement and revenue at the lowest possible cost.

      Neal Stein: Speaking in the Theater 4


      Neal Stein
      Net Success USA

      Everything you need to know about SEO

      Learn about important factors for generating organic ranking results. Learn why companies like Amazon and Google are using tech to dominate their markets. We will show you how we use SEO technology and artificial intelligence for white hat SEO analytics and reporting, content sharing, relevant link building and content generation to grow your business at a fraction of the cost.

      Jeff Nevarez: Speaking in the Theater 4


      Jeff Nevarez

      How to Pick a Good SEO Company: The Expectation & Short-falls

      Search Engine Optimization is the new frontier of marketing. But, how do you know if you are getting a good SEO marketing company? This presentation will explore what exactly is organic SEO, how it is accomplished, and what to expect from an agency. Many times have I received a new client with a bad experience from SEO Agencies and I will address those concerns. This presentation will be a non-technical conversation for marketing managers and business owners.

      Ally Spinu: Speaking in the Theater 4


      Ally Spinu
      USA Link System

      SIX ERRORS IN MARKETING: Common Mistakes Your Brand Should Avoid

      Come see where major corporations like Wells Fargo and Coors made mistakes with their marketing and took huge losses, understand what they did wrong through expert insight, harness the tools you need to stand above the competition, and take your brand to the next level.