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September 16 & 17 2020

LA Convention Center

Axiom Deisgn & Printing: Sponsor of Theater 5

Theater 5: Sponsored by Axiom Deisgn & Printing

    • Wednesday

      James Isilay: Speaking in the Theater 5


      James Isilay

      Revenue AI: The Science of B2B Sales

      Imagine if you knew the formula for outbound success. Attend the Revenue AI: The Science of B2B Sales with James Isilay CEO of Cognism and you will! Learn how you can use a simple formula to improve your outbound B2B marketing and sales.

      Armando Guerrero: Speaking in the Theater 5


      Armando Guerrero
      Ntooitive Digital, LLC

      Consumer Mindset & Brand Growth For Culturally Relevant, Purpose-Driven Marketers

      In today’s fast-paced digital world, each story matters. Consumers crave content that is authentic but also uniquely reflects their culture. Join Armando to learn how to connect with these consumer segments, and what data and insights are essential for ensuring a brand’s advertising resonates. This session will uncover how brands can optimize their reach and engage today’s multicultural customer through cross-channel strategies that account for their social and cultural norms.

      Sean Hakes: Speaking in the Theater 5


      Sean Hakes
      Altitude Agency

      How to Find the Best SEO Partner

      Sean Hakes will show your business how to find the best SEO partner. His presentation will highlight what to look for in an SEO company, what questions to ask, what red flags to be on the lookout for, and more. Don’t choose an SEO partner for your business without Hakes’ tips and tricks – otherwise, you might find yourself nowhere to be found online against your competition.

      Kurtis Wankier & Kenny Eliason: Speaking in the Theater 5


      Kurtis Wankier & Kenny Eliason

      Strategizing, Automating, and Optimizing Your Marketing Strategy

      Kurt and Kenny will teach you new ways to optimize your marketing strategy — month after month, year after year. They'll address how to find your audience and business objective, and how to adjust when things aren't working. It's tough deciding which tools, channels, and programs you should be using to reach your audience, but Kurt and Kenny will help you work through that decision process.

      Scott Navratil: Speaking in the Theater 5


      Scott Navratil

      AI and Mobile Messaging – Is your business ready?

      This session will help business owners understand why it’s important to implement AI-based messaging & chat solutions for mobile customers. In today’s fast-paced society, business transactions happen in a few clicks. The next generation of consumers would rather text you than call you, use your app, or go to your website. Is your business ready?

      MeShell Baker: Speaking in the Theater 5


      MeShell Baker
      National Association Sales Professionals

      The disruptive force that is destined to change your world.

      Find out why following the golden rule and treating others as you would like to be treated could be devastating to your business. Learn about the new golden rule.

      Bruce A. Brien: Speaking in the Theater 5


      Bruce A. Brien
      Hive9, Inc.

      Building Marketing Plans with Balance and Integrity

      How do you ensure that your marketing plans have integrity, that is to say that they are viable, if executed on, they will deliver the desired results? How can you ensure that your plans reflect the strategy of your organizations leadership? This seminar will focus on how you can create plans that do just that. Hive9 clients have been building just such plans these past 5 years.

      H.E. Fares Ghattas: Speaking in the Theater 5


      H.E. Fares Ghattas
      The Luxury Network

      Luxury Affinity Marketing

      How The Luxury Network became the world’s leading affinity marketing company and why is creating unique partnerships an integral part of the luxury industry.