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September 16 & 17 2020

LA Convention Center

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    • Wednesday

      Rick Middlemass: Speaking in the Theater 6


      Rick Middlemass
      National Association Sales Professionals

      PANEL SESSION DEBATE: Why modern sales and marketing requires an emotional experience

      Join Rick Middlemass, MeShell Baker, Faryt Kahlil and Kristine Kuhlman for this exclusive panel session debate Have you heard about selling to the emotional needs being more important and impactful than selling to logical needs? Do you wonder what that actually means in a practical sense for your sales and marketing process? Do you know how to touch the emotional needs of your buyer? Learn about how to create an emotional journey for your buyers.

      Jenna Banks: Speaking in the Theater 6


      Jenna Banks
      Brand Spirit

      Marketing your brand in 3D: Current trends and high-impact strategies

      In an increasingly digital marketing world, many paper-based marketing products are on the decline. Yet 3D branded gifts still prove to be relevant and highly effective in creating long-lasting marketing impact. This accounts for why the promotional products industry as-a-whole is still growing at a steady pace (2018 industry sales were $25.2B vs. 2017 sales at $23.6B = 6% growth). This session will cover: Cost-saving strategies to streamline and control your company-wide branded merchandise purchases. Current promotional product trends, including insightful client case histories from market leaders. How to recognize and utilize gift-giving opportunities to create strong emotional connections with your prospects and clients

      Brandon Lee: Speaking in the Theater 6


      Brandon Lee
      Funnel Amplified

      Nothing’s Changed, It’s Just Different

      Brandon has a lot of grey in his beard but lives in digital marketing, technology and social media world. This is one of his most favorite talks to give where he brings a ton of energy and a lot of humor. This talk is ideal for crowds who are nervous about web-based relationship building, digital sales, content marketing and social media. It is especially appealing to business leaders and owners who started their careers prior to the Internet era and miss the good old days of martini’s golf and tickets to the ballgame as the best relationship building activities. Brandon has an 18 minute and 45 minute version of this talk. He can customize this content to meet your event’s goals or needs.

      Allie Fernando and Chelsea Perry: Speaking in the Theater 6


      Allie Fernando and Chelsea Perry
      Kajabi and Printfection

      How Kajabi creates revenue and raving fans with branded swag

      Most marketers equate swag / promotional products to cheesy giveaways distributed at trade shows. Yet swag can be used strategically to drive revenue and turn customers into raving fans. Just ask all-in-one online business platform, Kajabi. Allie and Chelsea will share how they use branded swag to create a community of customers who enthusiastically promote their brand, and to power their partner channel, driving tons of new revenue as a result.

      Chris Schreiber: Speaking in the Theater 6


      Chris Schreiber

      Driving More Revenue Through Webification

      To connect better with digital and mobile obsessed Millennial and Gen Z audiences, marketers are expanding their marketing capabilities to create custom websites for all of their marketing touchpoints. Learn how marketing teams are improving their engagement on the mobile web by increasing their speed to market, transitioning away from downloadable documents such as PDFs, and becoming more agile with customer data and web design.

      Ryan Brock: Speaking in the Theater 6


      Ryan Brock
      Metonymy Media

      The Writer’s Guide to Managing Content Marketing Writers

      As a marketing professional, you stand between subject matter experts and content writers with a tough job: Get what’s in the expert’s head into the writer’s head so they can develop content that fits your brand and serves your audiences. In this workshop, learn why creative writers are the best tool at a marketer’s disposal—and how to get the best professional work from the most creative of content producers.

      Jeremy Hudgens: Speaking in the Theater 6


      Jeremy Hudgens
      Genius Monkey

      Why 80% of Marketers are Failing with Display, and How to Fix it Fast!

      Take-Away Points: Better understand your customers’ journeys, and how they should be applied to your strategy Recognize how display advertising fits into your overall marketing strategy Utilize Google Analytics and other tools to measure the metrics that matter Optimize your ad spend and improve your ROI Session Info: Digital display advertising is a complicated ecosystem with ever-advancing technology that can be difficult to master. Whether you are purchasing site-direct or using advanced programmatic ad networks, this session will help you avoid the common pitfalls made by marketers and provide you with immediate action items to improve your digital presence!

      Ruben Dua: Speaking in the Theater 6


      Ruben Dua

      Leveraging Video for Business Growth

      In this presentation, you will learn: how to get the most out of video for your business; best practices for creating videos, how to distribute your videos; and some vital facts that you can''t afford to miss.