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  1. Theatre 6 MI

    This workshop aims to empower local business owners by teaching them to audit their online presence without needing technical knowledge or paid tools. It offers actionable insights and expert advice to transform your online presence into a growth engine. The workshop also equips participants to work effectively with agencies, ensuring accountability and maximizing marketing dollars. Ines will provide exclusive downloadable resources and offer a limited number of free strategy sessions for businesses ready for the next level.

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  2. Theatre 4 LA

    Join our seminar, "Manufacturers' Dream 100: Targeted B2B Lead Gen," to uncover strategies for converting dream 100 companies into qualified leads. Learn effective engagement tactics like targeted ads, engaging emails, and social media. 

    Receive a playbook, cheat sheet, and ready-to-use workflow templates. Elevate your lead generation game and achieve measurable results. Don't miss out on this opportunity for growth in the B2B landscape.

  3. Theatre 4 LA

    This presentation, "Email Marketing Strategies for Success," offers comprehensive insights into effective email marketing for all types of businesses. It covers fundamental tips, segmentation, automation, and advanced personalization using data. Additionally, it addresses the controversial topic of cold B2B emails, providing best practices and ethical considerations. Attendees will learn how to craft compelling emails, measure success, and stay ahead of future trends to drive meaningful results.

  4. Theatre 6 LA

    With email’s vast messaging options, it’s easy to forget the critical foundations of good email marketing. InboxArmy’s Scott Cohen will discuss the important “firsts” in a customer relationship in this session. A good primer for some and a reminder for others, this session will have you take a deep breath and re-focus on building and optimizing “first” programs that earn revenue and customer loyalty.

  5. Theatre 6 LA
    Learn how small businesses can leverage the power of AI and Google Sheets to achieve scalability and efficiency. This seminar will cover practical strategies and tools to integrate AI into everyday business operations, enhancing productivity and decision-making processes.

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